Once a person becomes labeled a habitual offender in Florida, life can become increasingly difficult. Any mistake or error in judgment can lead to severe penalties, including points on a license, drivers license suspension, fines and perhaps even jail time. “Habitual” is not a term you want associated with your permanent or even temporary record, but mistakes can happen. When they do, TicketMom.com is ready to stand by your side.

At TicketMom.com, we don’t put ourselves in a position to judge, we put ourselves in a position to help. We can help you avoid points, fines, court appearance, traffic school and yes, even jail time. Every day we fight an unfair system that punishes too many people too severely. If you feel you’ve been unfairly treated and want to fight, Traffic Ticket Mom is here by your side.

Let’s Talk About What Exactly Is a Habitual Offender

A habitual offender usually falls into one of two categories. One is a habitual traffic offender, the other a habitual felony offender.

In Florida, a habitual traffic offender (HTO) is someone who has a DMV driving record that indicates they have had three serious driving offenses like DUI’s or driving with a suspended license or the equivalent of 15 convictions of moving violations.

Habitual felony offenders (HFO) fall into two categories of their own. The first is a non-violent habitual offender and the second is a violent habitual offender.

What are the Penalties of Being a Habitual Offender?

For those who are designated a habitual driving offender in the State of Florida, a five-year drivers license suspension usually occurs. This can not only be costly in terms of fines and court costs but ultimately, insurance costs will skyrocket, perhaps to the point of being prohibitive.

Quality of life can be seriously impacted, you may not have the ability to get or maintain meaningful employment and you may not be able to go out and do the things you enjoy because you cannot drive. Due to the serious ramifications involved with being labeled a Habitual Traffic Offender, it is frequently well worth fighting. This is where Traffic Ticket Mom can help.

Fighting the “Habitual Offender” Label

At Ticket Mom, we feel everyone deserves a fair process. Are you ready to fight? Contact Ticket Mom to discuss your case. It can be well worth the fight.

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