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We’ll Help Save You Time, Money, and Aggravation

We believe Florida’s traffic ticket system has become unfair. The fines do not seem reasonable, and the motives behind them seem suspect. Because we believe in helping people fight back against that system, regardless of the type of Florida traffic ticket you have, we’ve created this website that’s full of helpful information.

Speeding Tickets

Don’t pay that speeding ticket. Save time and money by calling Florida’s Speeding Ticket experts. No points or your money back!

Suspended License

Don’t get caught driving on a suspended license and wind up in jail. Most suspensions lifted within 24 hours.
We can help!

Aggressive/Reckless Driving

Don’t take a reckless driving ticket lightly. If you’re not careful you can lose your driving privileges. We’ll protect your rights!


Don’t delay fighting your DUI,  you could risk losing your driver’s license. Hire the experts to fight back on your behalf.

Traffic Accidents

Don’t pay your accident ticket and end up with points on your license. Let our attorneys handle it. Saving you time and money.

Red Light Tickets

Whether your Red Light ticket was issued by an officer or a camera, contact the experts at Ticket Mom to help you fight back!

Careless Driving

Got a careless driving ticket? Don’t just pay it and get 4 points on your license. Let us fight it! No points or your money back.

Sunpass Tickets

Did you go through the toll plaza and somehow get a Sunpass Ticket? Whether your transponder failed to work or you never received the notice, we can help!

Criminal Traffic

Racing on the highway, driving without a license or tag and leaving the scene of an accident are all criminal traffic matters that should be handled by the experts.

Misdemeanor or Felony

If you’ve been arrested for possession, battery, domestic violence or violation of probation, we’ve been helping clients with criminal matters since 1995.

Out of State Tickets

Do you have a Florida license and got a ticket in another state? We can help. Call us today and we’ll help you fight back.

Florida Ticket?
Out of State License

If you’re not from Florida but got a ticket here, we can help to make sure the ticket doesn’t wind up on your record in your home state.